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Classes at FCAR

Most classes are operating in a hybrid model with virtual and in-person attendance available.

Zoom links will be sent to your registered e-mail address the day before the class.

Please note: To ensure materials can be sent out in advance, the registration window closes 48 hours prior to the class. Make sure to register early!

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Need Help Signing Up for a Class? 

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Hybrid CE Classes

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, DLLR has approved the continued use of virtual CE classes. These classes will be streamed via Zoom and will be conducted with the same requirements and standards as they would if they had been taught at FCAR.


Here are some things to know before you attend a class virtually


  • Arrive early to check-in

  • Be prepared to show your license to enter the class

  • At the time the meeting begins, the meeting will be closed and no one else will be able to enter

  • Monitors will still be present

  • All virtual classes will be recorded

  • Enrollment is limited to up to 20 students 

  • All students must have their cameras on the entire class (no camera, no class credit)

  • Current class time duration standards remain in force

  • There will be no quiz or exam required at the end of the class


To read DLLR’s full statement, please click HERE.

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