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Professional Standards

Not every real estate agent is a REALTOR®. REALTORS® adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and are held to a higher standard. If you believe that a REALTOR® has violated one or more Articles of the Code of Ethics, you can file an ethics complaint alleging a violation(s) through the local association of REALTORS® where the REALTOR® holds membership or participates in a REALTOR® association-owned/operated MLS. You may search for a member’s local affiliation HERE.


If the individual is a member of the Frederick County Association of REALTORS®, please follow the instructions below to help you complete the Ethics complaint form.

Click HERE to access NAR’s Code of Ethics, professional standards, and mediation resources. 

Ombuds Program 

The Ombuds Program is an informal method of addressing complaints via telephone mediation. It can help resolve minor complaints from the public as well as inter-REALTOR® conflicts before they become serious enough to be brought before a grievance committee. An Ombudsman helps parties find solutions, but does not impose solutions.


The role of the ombudsman has been used to solve problems since Roman times but has grown in the United States since the ’60s. Many non-profits, universities and government agencies have an ombudsman or ombuds office. Through the Frederick County Association of REALTORS® Ombuds Program, you can receive non-judgemental real estate related information in a timely manner and at no cost.


Mediation is offered as a cost-effective alternative to arbitration. Both parties must be willing to complete FCAR’s Agreement to Mediate form, that can be used to resolve problems involving REALTOR® Members ONLY. Participation in mediation procedures is voluntary. Parties to mediation may withdraw from the process at any point prior to reaching an agreement. Parties to mediation that do not reach an agreement shall be free to pursue arbitration of the dispute in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual.



Maryland REALTORS®’s Lisa Cameron leads the Mediation Services program and can be reached at 888-412- 6740. Lisa’s direct line is 443-206- 1048. For more information, please visit


REALTOR® principals with different firms may file for Arbitration for disputes over “Procuring Cause” during real estate transactions, as defined in Standard of Practice 17-4 in the Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual. In some instances, participation is mandatory; in other cases it’s voluntary. Please consult the Request and Agreement to Arbitrate form below and complete and return to FCAR as needed.

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