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2019 Major Investors

RPAC’s Major Investors are an elite and passionate group of REALTORS® whose investments shape the political future of the real estate industry. Major Investors are eligible to participate in the RPAC Recognition Program, with specific benefits and accolades that acknowledge their support of RPAC.

To be considered a major investor, investors are required to make a minimum annual investment of at least $1,000.

2019 RPAC Major Investors

Amanda Addington

William Armstrong

Kevin Carey

Barbara Davis


Wendy Friend

Meg Gawler

Hugh Gordon

Jennifer Grove

Marla Johnson

Terry La Scola

Andy Mackintosh

Buzz Mackintosh

Ann Moxley

Peter Murray

Maureen Nichols

Greg Phillips

Mary Ratchford

RPAC 50th Anniversary Commemorative Artwork

During the NAR 360 presentation at this year’s REALTORS® Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo in Washington, DC, multimedia artist Phil Hansen shared an elongated version of his popular Ted Talk “Embrace the Shake.” He also unveiled a never before seen original piece of art that NAR had commissioned.


As an art lover from childhood, Hansen said the development of a tremor in his hand could have meant the end of his passion. Instead, Hansen said he slowly discovered that his creativity flourished when he was limited. He said he eventually learned that his limitations were actually more of an inspiration.


The work (below) shows the new NAR Washington, D.C. headquarters with the Capitol building in the background. Phil created this masterpiece, which is actually about 10,000 names of 2018 major RPAC investors from across the country, who gave $1,000 or more. This artwork is now prominently displayed in the NAR D.C. building.


Hansen created the artwork in 12 different sections so that major investors can find their name. Click HERE to find your name.